Research and Development
Innovation is not simply following the latest, but lies in the way to win your heart.

Respecting customers’ every habit, and helping people cook in the most convenient way is the core thought of ASD while doing R&D. What kind of life style do people prefer? What is the way that people handle their family life? Customers are our R&D center. You tell us, how you view the world; You tell us, how you express your feelings; You tell us, how you love and care for your family; You tell us, how you do the cooking in your kitchen……it’s you, who tell us everything, that makes every product developed by us could win your heart.

In ASD, we have the most excellent R&D solution and idea. Thinking in customer’s position, what kind of experience and change our product could bring you, could it help you express your emotion fully, could it bring you visual pleasure, could it bring you more convenient operating experience, could it make sustainable use of resources, is there more ingenious idea……For this, with the help of more professional external team, we have done a lot of research and discussion on the market, life, culture, spirit, philosophy etc., finally we probed into the tendency and technology, during this process, we place customers’ opinion above all else, making our products perfect in cooking functions, and lifting it to the level of perceptible spirit experience and living atmosphere.

Good material could make cookware pass on.

Good cookware could not only bring healthy and happy cooking experience, but could also bring mental pleasure for housewives in the kitchen. Cookware is a kind of product, and more a work of humanistic spirit. For the cookware that you have used for many years, you can sense its weight, its temperature and its feeling precisely. People hope their cookware could remain new after longtime use, and accompany them through every season, and help them make healthy and delicious dishes for their family.

The secret of keeping cookware new forever lies in the choice and match of various materials. Cookware in different materials could be suited to people’s different cooking habit and cooking environment. Precise choice and wonderful match could make your cookware pass on.

ASD holds the concept of healthy life, has done lots research and application on the most advanced and leading materials around the world, and has produced various kinds of cookware products suitable for 6 billion people all over the world. The new non-stick material that can stand 6000000 times abrasion resistance test has broken the performance limit of nonstick cookware. The natural and durable ceramic non-stick coating IV is healthy and eco-friendly. High quality stainless steel looks shiny, and is anti-rust and very strong in acid alkali resistance property, it is unbreakable, easy to be clean and perfect in durability. Heat proof medical silicone can resist the heat perfectly, it is very safe, healthy and convenient to use. Enamel demonstrates the vintage from new technology, and has broken the performance limit of enamel. Carefully selected aluminum can distribute heat quickly and evenly, and is also energy saving and eco-friendly……We know very well that there’s a wide range of materials, only with a good understand and appropriate use of different materials that we can make perfect cookware, and make them remain new forever.

This is the art of living.

It seems to those picky customers, the kitchen cooking is an art. As cooking wares, of cause also should have a good potential in art. For them, ASD products not only represent the global top-level manufacturing technique, but also represent a concept of life and an aesthetic idea that insight into the details. ASD products provide you an unique flavor cooking experience with high level design in the sense of visual, taste and touch.

Design is always one of the most important link for ASD, in product development, ASD collaborate closely with the most famous academy of fine arts, design agencies, famous designers, and senior chefs. By the introduction of these external think-tank’s new thinking and new vision, and based on the advanced technology, ASD develops the epoch-making cooking wares which leads the trend of Chinese cuisine, and the gorgeous kitchen products.

With the heart of continuous research, develop the each product in an ornate style.

ASD, be the biggest cookware manufacturer in the world, and has a worldwide cookware sales network, for us, how to ensure the perfect quality of each product, is the most important task that we have to do research and to pursue. With the seeking knowledge desire, and the peaceful heart, we never tired, continuously devote ourselves to make the best products.

The world changes every day, so as to the life style, the rapid development of science and technology bring limitless possibilities. The goal we set for each product is that can brings the most perfect life to our customers, and let them enjoy the cooking products with the most advanced technology. This is the principle of ASD, and will continue to stick to it.

ASD owns the most advanced technology in cookware manufacture industry, with more than 387 patents and technologies including the new type oil less cookware, aluminum cookware with impact bottom, 8-insurance pressure cooker, the different cookware shape structure, electrical pressure cooker elastic stress structure etc., and invented many advanced manufacture technology such as the soft anodized, the hard anodized, the non-stick anodized, the non-stick coating spray, the arc spray, the nitriding soft anodized, the ceramic inside coating, the copper compound cavity, as well as the high-pressure casting, the gravity casting, the spinning, and different induction bottom. It has reached the top-level over the world, and make the every product with best quality.

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