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Under the great pressure of modern city life, it becomes more and more peoples’ pursuit and wish to make life more easy, more healthy and lower in carbon.

With the belief of green technology and under all-round perspective of life, ASD aims to make your life healthy every day.

“ Many people may regard the shooting sites and theatres as an actors stage. In fact, no matter how successful I am as a star, I’m only a common woman in my private life, and I often make some exquisite dishes for my lover, and taste the bittersweet life with him together.


In her leisure time, her favorite thing is to make some dishes by herself.

 When talked about her hobbies during her leisure time, Sun Li had much to say. She said that she is a very traditional Chinese woman, and is nearly obsessed with making up the rooms and cooking meals. “When I have the time, I always cook by myself. As a woman, it’s a kind of ineffably happiness to make a grand dinner for my husband and children. It could make my family full of warmth and love, and also make my lover and children feel wealthy in spiritual and happiness at home. “

Shanghai cuisine is Sun Li’s favorite. She’s very familiar with it. “I can cook a lot of Shanghai dishes, including short ribs cooked with sweet and sour sauce, stewed meatballs with brown sauce, eight treasures in hot sauce, alfalfa, these are all my best cooking. In my childhood, my parents always cook these dishes, as time went on, I naturally learned to make them.”

Besides Shanghai cuisine, Sun Li is also very interested in other cuisines. “I can cook some other dishes as well. I once ate a very delicious boiled sliced chicken in Canton, after back home, I tired to study the cooking method, willing to make that kind of taste by myself. During that time, there were chickens on the table every day, my family members complained a lot, but I still could not succeed. At last, I learned from my friends, that the secret is in that soybean sauce. Very pitiful, it’s their commercial secret.”、


Choosing cookwares should be as carefully as choosing your clothes.

 When talked about Sun Li’s performance in the kitchen, people who have seen it were full of praise for her. “It’s really too exaggerated, in the kitchen I am just like other women, it’s just that I’m particulary picky at choosing cookwares, can not tolerate any defects. For example, I care much about the keenness and also the safety of the knife, the quality of the wok, whether it will produce much cooking fumes or not. Therefore, I always choose the trusted brand, the cookware in my home may not be the best, but must be most useful.”

 In Sun Li’s kitchen, there are several sets of different cookwares and one old black iron pan. “The iron pan is from ASD, I kept it for more than 20 years. Many years ago, my mom used it to make dishes, and it’s still in use now. I have a deep feeling with them after a long time use, except for the stainless steel pan I brought from abroad, all the pans, knives and kitchen tools are from ASD. They’re really good in quality, and I have been used to them.”

 Sun Li has deep love for cooking, how does she gain her cooking skill?

 “I do not learn it deliberately, I’m just fond of cooking. Especially when you can handle the cookwares easily, there will be a keen interest and impetus to do it. You will naturally gain a lot cooking skills and methods after practise for many times. Thus it can be seen that a set of good cookwares is really very important. Once, I had used a set of imported cookwares, since it was designed for foreigners, the handle feeling was not good, I was not willing to cook in the kitchen at that time, I have no impetus.”

She’s very busy after returned to entertainment business, but not too busy to make some food by herself.

 As the hottest female star in China, her work is particulary busy. When asked if she has deserted her cooking skill as a result or not, Sun Li felt very proud that no matter how busy she is, she would find time to make something to eat by herself, in her eye, it was a kind of woman’s instinct.

“In the eyes of others, stars always stay in five-star hotels every day. Actually, we actors and actresses usually stay in the sites for more than 10 days, we are too busy for regular meals and rest. Especially the meals, we always have the fast food together, it’s harmful to our health. Therefore, I always take an ASD electric cooker along with me, during break, I would make some delicious food and share with others. I enjoy it very much. It brings me great sense of satisfaction, and takes away my tiredness from work. ”