Sun-Style Perfect Pork Chop Rice

Shanghaiese love pork chop, I love it too. I learned it when I was very young. For a long time, I often cook this dish as it’s simple, fast and nutritious.

Four main ingredients of Sun-Style Perfect Pork Chop Rice: pork meat, vegetable, egg, rice.


Cooking Method of Pork Chop

Well-marbled shoulder chop or loin with relatively thick fat on sides and thin fat in the center. Those meat has no tendons that would be stuck in teeth, and the meat is fresh and tender. Wrap the pork chop with bread powder and egg white, then fry them in heated oil till the surface turns into golden brown (friendly reminder by Sun Li: smokeless pan is needed for frying the chop). Fish the pork chops out and drain the oil off (this step is necessary for women, if there is much oil left, it’s easily to get bored with the meat, and it will cause you gain fat as well). Cut the pork chop into 6-8 pieces.


Cooking Method of Onion

Onion is extremely versatile, super in taste and rich in nutrient. There’re many ways to cut onion. My lover prefers the diced onion, while I prefer the ring shape, since it looks more beautiful. Put cutted onion into shallow fry pan (friendly reminder: the fry pan is also smokeless, it can reduce the smoke and avoid the smell of onion from spreading all around the house), then add in proper amount of soup-stock, soybean sauce and sugar, cook till the soup is clear, then add in the pork chop.