Homemade Black Tea with Milk Cap

“Milk Cap Tea” from Taiwan is not simply the mixture of milk and tea. The milk cap tea has two layers. The top layer is 2cm-thick milk and the bottom layer is tea.


Three steps of drinking

  1. Take a sip of black tea from bottom layer, you can taste the nataral tea aroma.
  2. Open the upper cover and enjoy the drink, let the black tea penetrate through the milk foam and slide into your mouth. The mixture of milk aroma and tea aroma would produce a wonderful flavor.
  3. Stir the milk foam with green tea, a special taste of bitter in sweet comes out.


Black tea: 2 teaspoonful (or 2 tea bags)     Sugar: proper amount     Water: 300 ml     Fresh cream: 100ml (whipping cream is recommended)     Salt: half a teaspoonful



  1. Whip the fresh cream with a little salt into milk foam.
  2. Boil the black tea until the color turns dark. A kettle is recommended as it’s easy to pour the tea out.
  3. Add a teaspoonful of sugar into it.
  4. Pour the black tea into the cup (leave the space for milk foam), then pour the whipped milk foam into the cup slowly.