ASD health industry keeps upgrading, entering into air purification field.

On August 13, at Customer Summit in Zhejiang Jiashan manufacturing base, Helin CHEN, president of Zhejiang Aishida Electric Co. Ltd., officially announced that ASD has entered the air purification market.

As one of the leading cookware manufacturers around the world, ASD has been committed to the development of healthy life industry. In recent years, ASD keeps broadening its industry layout, and has realized a transformation from combination of cookware and kitchen electric appliance to the orienter of intergrated household solution. This step of entering into air purification field has upgraded the health concept of ASD, and is a significant milestone for its further development.

With the deteriorated environmental pollution situation and customers’ high attention on health, air purification market has a bright future. It perfectly reflects ASD’s concept of “science and technology leading a healthy life”, and shows ASD’s pioneering spirit in expanding the market, as well as its strong determination in company transformation. In the future, ASD will develop the intelligent household electrical appliances rapidly, improve the household supplies gradually, expand the scope of environmental heath related products steadily, form a new and overall pattern of new industry, based on the comprehensive advantages of cookware closely.

Applying advanced international technology, designed by internationally renowned designer, new air purifier of ASD shows the true health concept perfectly. And the applied special technology has solved the problem of secondary pollution. New air purifier of ASD has broken the dilemma of high homogenization in the appearance, style and function of traditional air purifier, targeting mid to high-end consumer groups.