Ground-breaking Ceremony for Eastern Base of ASD was Held.

With the Reechoing of gongs and drums, thundering of gun salute, fluttering of rainbow flags, Wenling Eastern Industry Clusters DB070404 District was filled with a festive atmosphere and was flooded with chatter and laughter on the morning of November 16th. Here launched the ground-breaking ceremony of headquarters base for Zhejiang ASD Electric Co. Ltd.

The ceremony was hosted by Lu Maoliang, director of Administrative Committee of Eastern Industry Clusters District. Li Bing, deputy secretary and mayor of Wenling City, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. And leaders like Zhang Xueming, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Fusheng attended the ceremony as well. There are almost 300 participants including relevant directors of the Municipal government, leaders of Eastern Industry Clusters District, cadre staff of ASD, and cadre staff from Zhongbo, project-undertaking company of the Eastern Base.

Firstly, Chen Helin, Chairman of ASD extended welcome and gratitude to all the participating leaders, guests and staff. He pointed out that, as the headquarter base of ASD, the Eastern Base is an important guarantee for company’s globalization development, for the creation of century national brand, for the manufacture of worldwide famous cookware. As a core platform for the strategic development of a list company, the base will be designed according to world’s most advanced design philosophy of modern industrial park. All the dominant resources will be collected for scientific planning and rational distribution, thus ensuring early completion and production. After full completion, the headquarter base of ASD will become an automatic, informationized modern factory, and will establish a benchmark for all the industries in Eastern Clusters District.

Mayor Li mentioned in his speech that, ASD is key enterprise in Wenling, and has made great contributions to the local social and economic development. The construction of ASD headquarters base will be a new opportunity of development for ASD. Wish ASD will take advantage of the opportunity, and achieve more brilliant development.

As is known to all, the eastern factory base covers an area of 645 acres, and the total construction area reaches over 400,000 square meters. It will become a modern manufacturing base which possesses the greatest production capacity, the highest automation of production, and the lowest energy consumption in the world.