Production activity, the company held a large-scale fire drill.

Safety Month, the Production Safety Committee of the company held a series of production safety activities, such as fire drills, safety production essays.

In order to further improve the staff’s fire safety consciousness, strengthen the self-protection ability and the emergency handling capacity on fire incident, in the morning of June 12, the Production Safety Committee of the company joint with the administration organization department, workshop staffs held a fire drill in the northward of the company.

The main content of this drill is how to put out a fire at the beginning; how to use the fire equipment, how to escape from a fire, etc.  In the rehearse scene, when the fire alarm bell rang, the workshop staffs from jobs immediately ran to the fire evacuation passageway, fled the scene at the fastest speed; Then, the firefighters explained to the employees who participated the exercise the fire fighting knowledge and demonstration of the use of fire fighting equipment, under the guidance of volunteer firefighters, some employees personally operated the fire-fighting equipment, and took the fire fighting practice.

Take the fire drills as an opportunity, the Production Safety Committee of the company will organize a fully eliminate fire hazards activity, contain the accident, improve employee safety consciousness, to minimize the company safety production accident, ensure company production safety, protect people life and property security, to create a good working environment for employees.