The Most Popular Cookware Brand of the Year


On November 30, sponsored by the China Fashion Colour Association, the 7th color awards ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the people of China in Beijing. The meeting unveiled five categories such as the color application awards, the color education awards, the color culture awards, the color science awards and the color contribution awards of year 2011 and year 2012.

Mr Du Yuzhou, who is the honorary President of China textile industry association, China fashion colour association, and Mr. Sun Ruizhe, who is the deputy party secretary of China textile industry association,  and Mr. Wangwei, who is deputy director of the department of industry and information technology, consumer goods industry award for the winning unit.

The China Color Application award, with most widely coverage, from all walks of life in the field of color in the China, and be able to attract from full participation and attention from all walks of life. ASD won this year’s prize colour application. ASD cookware won the year’s most popular cookware brand.  This award is for the outstanding members in the areas such as the color application , color culture, color science and technology almost one year. It is a cross-industry colour exchanges and common progress event.

The organization committee awarded the evaluation to ASD:  innovatively applied the popular color to the cookware and its display, embodied the wisdom of science and technology with humanistic care, expressed the fusion of technology and delicacy. Accurately choose the color and implemented it on the surface of different materials, as well as the detail design of color collocation, all reflected the enterprise’s R&D ability and excellent manufacturing technology level. Colorful cookware integrated the innovation and the beauty into the daily life, the unique cookware product makes our life artistic and  personalized, added beautiful colour for the life. ASD will also  take this honor be our motivation,  take science and technology, innovation, green manufacturing be our concept, to take science and technology, innovation, green manufacturing be our concept,  create more and better products for our consumers, brings the consumers with green, safe, healthy cooking enjoyments.